To bring a building back to its former beauty, a lot of work needs to be done on its foundation – namely, the brick and stone – the bones the building are made with.

Masonry restoration takes time, attention, and an artist’s hand to bring the existing structure back to its original, pristine form. Stone and brick work are often essential steps in the full restoration of many of the buildings in the NY Metro area.

Our Masonry Services include:

• Brick replacement
• Brick re-pointing
• Parapet replacement
• Stone repair
• Stone replacement
• Cast stone repair
• Any other repair or replacement of stone materials

The main techniques used in masonry repair work are chemical cleaning of existing brick/stone, rebuilding or replacing damaged stones, and tuckpointing. Chemical cleanings involve removing longstanding stains or pollutants from the surface of brick, stone, or granite, refurbishing them back to their original shine. Rebuilding stones repairs damages the stones have suffered over time, from weathering or changes in pressure.

academy-07If an original stone or brick can’t be repaired, a mason will replace it with a matching stone. Due care is taken to ensure the replacement material entirely matches in color and texture, using the same or similar materials to the original to retain integrity. Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints (the “glue” of the building) in a masonry wall. Masons use electrical grinders and hand chisels to remove old, cracked mortar and replace it with two layers of Type N mortar.

Avarga has satisfied the needs of masonry restoration projects in the NY Metro area for years, providing both historical preservations and emergency repairs. Our masons are highly experienced practitioners with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of masonry, an art that’s been practiced for centuries.

Our deep commitment to learning the properties of mortar enable us to create exact replicas of old designs, preserving the original factors that made the building beautiful.

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